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MDFS are a Croydon based Mortgage Broker. We’re not 100s of miles away…. So, we’re ideally placed to help with trying to find the perfect mortgage. Offering genuine fees free mortgage advice is actually at the core of what we do. Therefore, you’ll find us on Unbiased, because that’s what we are when it comes to getting your mortgage.


As with other mortgage brokers we receive a payment from the lender at completion of your mortgage. However, unlike other mortgage advisers we don’t charge you a fee of any amount or description, regardless of the amount of work involved. Therefore, for these reasons, and as result of our unbiased approach, more and more customers are turning to MDFS for mortgage advice. We’re here to save you money on your mortgage, not cost you more than it would if you did it yourself.

In fact, applying for your mortgage through us costs you no more than going directly to a mortgage provider for the same deal. Moreover, frequently we’ll have access to special deals not available directly from lenders.


We offer mortgage advice in a number of ways, such as telephone, online and video appointments. Also, there’s no need to take time off work. You can book appointments suited to your busy schedule, 24 hours a day. In the long run you’ll find us especially simple to use.

How do we do it

Finding the right mortgages for people is something we do every day. Why not let our advisers search the market to find you a great mortgage deal.
First Time Buyers and Mortgage Advice is a skill we've developed at MDFS

first time buyers

When you decide to buy your first home it should be an exciting time. But, sometimes there’s so much to think about that it can be quite daunting.

Moving home can be stressful but with great mortgage advice it can be made easier

home movers

Home Mover Mortgages are for those looking to move to a new house, either for more space, a better location or extra facilities. As families grow, or shrink, many people need a different home.

Remortgage Guides from MDFS Mortgage Broker in Croydon


Remortgages and Rate Switching can be really quite easy. The first, and probably most obvious time to consider a remortgage or rate switch is the end date of your existing deal.

Buy to Let Mortgage Advice and Guides from a local **FEES FREE** Croydon mortgage broker

buy to let

If you can’t buy your investment property outright, you’ll need to apply for a mortgage. However, this mortgage will need to be a Buy to Let mortgage.

about our guides

Mortgages can feel complicated, so trying to arrange one by yourself whilst juggling all your everyday demands can even feel rather daunting!

At MDFS we understand that you’ve probably got lots of questions or things you want to know more about. We are here to help you and give you expert, fee-free advice, at all stages of your journey. However, in the meantime, if you’d like to do a little self-learning we’ve put together a range of mortgage guides. If there’s something you need to know which isn’t covered in our guides, then just give us a call. We’ll either create a new guide for you or help you direct via email or phone.

Further information regarding mortgages can be found at the Money Advice Service.

Local Mortgage Adviser and Advice from a **FEES FREE** Mortgage Broker in Croydon

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local mortgage advice in Croydon

Free Mortgage Broker in Croydon

You know where you stand with a mortgage broker in Croydon. It seems rather strange that despite claims of being being a mortgage broker in Croydon there are many mortgage advisers who make this claim yet have their base 100s of mile away. So, if you really want a broker in Croydon, you’ve found one. Additionally, we’re a free mortgage broker meaning you don’t have to worry about being over charged, fees being added to your mortgage and additional interest payments as a result. On the subject of broker advice fees it should be noted that fee charging doesn’t seem to have any particular structure, consequently charges can range from just a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.

working with a Free mortgage broker in croydon

If you work with a mortgage broker in Croydon, it won’t be so difficult to get a great deal on the mortgage loan you require. The right broker will also improve your chances of getting a mortgage, even if you have a poor credit score. Don’t forget we’re a free mortgage adviser so you’ll not be charged for anything we do.

Professional mortgage brokers are bound under strict regulations and required to comply with banking and finance laws in the customer’s jurisdiction. So, you don’t have to worry about being in the wrong hands.

There are a variety of advantages that come with working on your mortgage application with a mortgage broker in Croydon. Some of the most obvious of these benefits are:

Croydon Mortgage Broker can save you money!

The most visible benefit of choosing to work with a mortgage broker is that you will likely save money. You’ll just need to fill out some details and an experienced professional with your best interests in mind will deal with the hard work.

So, there must be a catch somewhere, surely?  It’s important to understand that mortgage brokers have nothing to gain by not working in your best interests.

The broker could be at a disadvantage if they cannot prove to you and their regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority, why they made the recommendations. There are various inexpensive, exclusive mortgage deals that free mortgage brokers can find. Deals that could possibly reduce the total loan cost. Reputable mortgage brokers communicate how they expect to be paid for their services. They also outline the details of the entire loan. Filing the pockets of a broker is of little value to a mortgage advisor company when compared to making sure customers have a positive experience.

Croydon Mortgage Broker finds the most advantageous deal

A mortgage broker will always be in favour of your own interests and not those of the lending institution. Not only should the role of being your agent be their focus, they also need to be knowledgeable consultants and problem solvers. A broker can offer the best value when it comes to repayment amounts, interest rates and loan products. This is because a large variety of mortgage products are accessible to them.  Sophisticated solutions and innovative mortgages are distinct advantages of working with experienced broker. These include mortgages to raise capital for debt repayment, money for your children, important home renovations or even the purchase of other properties like buy to lets.

Local Free Mortgage Brokers have Flexibility and Expertise to Meet Your Needs

As one of our valued clients you will be under the remit of a mortgage broker, who will manage the process and handle any issues. For instance, brokers would know the lenders that can make available the best products for clients with credit issues. The knowledge and capability of a broker to successfully source financing will be of great benefit to a borrower who realises the loan they need may be too large for a bank to approve.

Our Croydon Mortgage Advisers save time

It’s never just about money. As much as it’s important to save some extra money, your time and sanity are important as well. Give a thought to the amount of time you’d have to invest when enquiring about various loan types from numerous lenders. You’d only need to complete one application with a mortgage broker, instead of filling out forms for every individual lender. The loans recommended can be formally compared for you by your mortgage broker. This will serve as a guide to the information which correctly shows cost differences, with present rates, points and closing costs for each loan illustrated. Your broker will set deals from major and less popular lenders side by side in order to discover an agreeable deal. 

By outsourcing, you can reduce the workload and get someone else’s professional advice. A mortgage broker can do a lot of the work by providing you with support throughout the application and approval process. This might involve completing all paperwork, helping you with applications to government schemes, answering questions and explaining the options and loan features, about which you may not have been aware. These features could include things such as drawdown facilities and options for making extra repayments and offset accounts. These features can largely affect your general mortgage experience and overall expenses. If you’re unfamiliar with these concepts and how they might affect you, your broker can clarify and answer any questions via a phone call.

Local Mortgage Brokers have access to Exclusive Non-Advertised Deals

Croydon Mortgage Brokers have access to exclusive deals which the banks do not announce. The banks push these deals on to brokers, who oversee selling the products. Speaking to a broker unlocks these extra perks you would otherwise miss out on by going directly to a bank.

Unlike brokers who have access to the whole market to search for the best deals, banks can offer their own deals alone – and not the deals offered by other banks.

Free Mortgage Advisers can have a better chance of Pre-Approval success

If you’re knocked back after requesting an Agreement in principle / Decision in principle of a loan, this will leave a mark against your credit rating. With the required knowledge and experience brokers possess, you’ll have a better chance at approval the first time around.

Local Access to Expert Mortgage Knowledge

Mortgage brokers help people secure loans for a living. They have access to helpful information and exclusive deals you’d otherwise not find. If you’re not on the lookout for them, you might not notice the subtleties that accompany loans. At the end of the day, these subtleties tend to improve your mortgage chances. Having the services of an experienced professional who can point these out for you is a huge benefit.
Instead of taking time out of your day to research thousands of loans and multiple lenders – and still potentially missing key subtleties – why not hand the work to someone who’s experienced in this industry? For home loan requirements, a mortgage broker is the best ways to go, just as a hairdresser is for replenishing damaged hair and a plumber for fixing leaking pipes. Free Mortgage Brokers aren’t that difficult to find and we’re a good starting point when you’re shopping around.




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We do not charge a fee for mortgage advice. We offer customers fee free mortgage advice. Our expert mortgage advisers will help you get a market leading mortgage deal. We help you throughout the entire mortgage process. There are no hidden costs or surprises. Try our fee free advice for your mortgage.


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